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Why pay the full asking price for currencies from a dealer when your fellow speculators can meet your purchasing options at a much lower fee? is the medium through which sellers and buyers can get together and buy and sell directly, safely for both parties

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To participate on this site, you will need to register first. You can then purchase credits to place your ad. There is no limit to words, and pictures are encouraged. Purchases should be done using PayPal to ensure compliance for both parties

There is no limit on currencies. You can market any currency at any price.

  • $10.00 Per Ad Per Month
  • Any Country's Currency Notes
  • Deal directly with the buyer/seller
  • Use Paypal for security and peace of mind

Most Popular Currencies

The following ads are believed to be accurate;

however, there may be updates or changes of which the site has not been informed.

Iraqi Dinar

5,750 million IQD


$6000 for all


Include your Phone number

10 Million IQD


$9,500 for all

Include your Phone Number

8 million IQD (uncirculated)
$900 per Million

Included your Phone Number

1.5 million IDQ for Sale- Uncirculated $1300 Contact info: 952-201-2467 -

Vietnamese Dong

2 Million Dong



Include your Phone number

Zimbabwean Dollar

30X100Trillion For $3,633

20X50Trillion For $1,064

$4,697 for all


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Chinese Yuan
Tunisia Dinar
Kuwait Dinar
Jordanian Dinar
Bahrain Dinar
Singapore Dollar
Saudi Riyal
Egyptian Pound
Mexican Peso
Hong Kong Dollar
Taiwan Dollar
Korean Won


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